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Paramjit Pammi


Pammi / Nachda punjab

I entered the industry by 95% wanting it and 5% luck.  I was pursued by a local radio station and the rest is HISTORY! There have been many memorable moments in the industry.  Perhaps the first time I presented a show would be a good place to start.  Picture the scene knees shaking, shouting down the microphone (for fear of no one hearing me), squeaky voice (because I had a sore throat). CD’s flying across the room and hot tea spilled everywhere! That first show was painful for me but I still enjoyed it. Now I make sure that I only drink water!
An ideal job is not necessarily a certain role but one that you are happy doing…after all each role is an important one. Where will I be in 5 years? As far as my passport will take me!  I love learning about different cultures and lifestyles and so want to travel to the corners of the world!

  • Place of Birth: Virk Punjab India
  • Date of Birth: 26/09/19 ooops !!!!
  • Status: Married
  • Fav Movie: Mugal-e-Azam and Jee Ayan Nu
  • Currently Reading: Bhuhe Bhariyahn by NS Kapur
  • Fav Food: There is little I dislike (especially if it is a meat dish) I do have a weakness for garam garam Saag with sizzling chicken topped with chopped crunchy green chillies and melting ghee. Alongside soft warm makki di roti and dhai mixed with shredded cucumberss, but the dhai has to be bio pot!
  • Fav Track in the Car: Pind di ya Galliya - Gurdas Maan
  • Childhood Hero: Dara Singh (Wrestler)
  • Describe yourself in one word: Genuine

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